Water Quality & Compliance Testing

WKG can perform a full range of water testing for well and municipal water. On-site testing is done on any water supply during our inspection process for customers purchasing any WKG water treatment product free of charge.  This ensures that the equipment we design and configure will properly treat your water.

We also offer a full spectrum of water quality, contaminate and compliance testing upon request. These include:

Drinking Water Analyses

FHA/VA Compliance Testing

TDS full spectrum Testing

 Limited Public Use Compliance Testing

Total Coliform / Enterococci Testing

PH/ Hardness & Chlorine Content

Ground Water Monitoring

Routine Distribution Testing

Service Repairs & Maintenance

WKG takes great pride in our reputation for our first class professional service on everything we sell or install. We are dedicated to servicing both our customers and their equipment, long after the sale. We offer on-site service for all types of wells and water treatment equipment including 24 Hour emergency service if needed.

Our on-call service techs are available to service and repair your equipment, in most cases, within 24 hours. We also provide phone support for questions and instruction to all our clients and customers.

WKG Water offers a no contract, monthly maintenance for replenishment of salt and chemicals. This includes a complete inspection of the equipment each month and no charge on-call service should a problem arise for our maintenance customers. This ensures consistent water in your home and the longest service life for your equipment.

Please contact us at 407-880-0356 for more information or to request service.

Well Service Repairs & Installation

Private wells are a great economical source of ground water for use in the home and irrigation. However, they also present a unique set of challenges for well owners. At WKG we understand these challenges and have over 20 years experience in resolving them.

WKG can drill and install both domestic wells (for private use), irrigation wells and complete service and repairs for any well related problems. Pump repair or replacement, pressure tanks, switches and controls and any other well issues can be resolved quickly by our professional service techs. Well inspections and testing are available for new home buyers to meet VA/FHA requirements.   On-site service for any type of well issue is a phone call away. Out of water emergency service is available  24/7.

Please contact us at 407-880-0356 for more information or to request service.

Commercial Industrial & Food Service

WKG Water offers a full line of commercial water treatment solutions along with dedicated commercial systems consultants to help design a system to meet your businesses requirements. We design, manufacture and supply commercial water treatment equipment of all types; POE /POU carbon filtration, water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and UV disinfectant systems for applications up to 15,000 GPD. Common applications include manufacturing, food service, hotels, resorts, medical and industrial. WKG also offers full spectrum water testing and analysis, for commercial operations.

Regardless of the type of business or facility, WKG Water can help you with an effective, affordable solution to your water treatment needs. Please contact us for additional information, or to speak with a sales consultant, at 1-407-880-0356.