Why Treat Water?

Water is an essential part of your life and well being. Properly treated water offers many benefits for  your home, family and quality of life.
All tap water within your home, not otherwise filtered or treated, contains impurities that you can see, taste and/or smell. These impurities can be treated with the correct water filtration system to deliver better-tasting, clean, odorless and safe water to your family.
Municipal water supplies are chemically disinfected to guard against bacterial outbreaks. The water is treated with chlorine to accomplish this and to promote oxidation of any other contaminates. This process ensures biologically safe potable water, however they do not address the other minerals and contaminates in the water. This water contains chlorine and chlorine byproducts, dissolved organics, and the chemicals residual of disinfection such as trihalomethane.
In most areas of the country, the water also contains large amounts of dissolved minerals of calcium and magnesium, creating what is referred to as “Hard Water”. These minerals will be left behind on anything the water touches creating many negative effects inside your home. Some examples of this would be scale deposits on sinks and fixtures, stains on shower doors and tile, build up inside plumbing, appliances, heaters and residuals left on your hair and skin from showering. Hard water also effects your laundry in much the same way such as build up in the washer, scratchy or dingy look to the fabrics and a higher consumption of soaps and detergents.
Water supplied from private wells contains the same hardness, contaminates and in some cases, large amounts of ferrous iron and tannins. Well water requires disinfection, oxidation of the iron and filtering at the source prior to use or consumption in the home. After this process, the mineral content or hardness must be addressed.
The investment in a correctly designed and applied whole house treatment, filtration or purification system will provide clean, clear and odorless water protecting your home and family.

Benefits of filtered/treated water in your home:

  1. Softer skin and hair: Hard water can leave your skin and hair dry. Treated water can prevent this.
  2. Easier home maintenance: Hard water and other contaminants can leave rust stains, mineral deposits, and film on your fixtures, shower walls, sinks, toilet, or your vehicle after washing.
  3. Longer appliance life: Mineral deposits in coffee makers, water heaters, washing machines, and other appliances decrease their effectiveness and shorten appliance life.
  4. Cleaner laundry: If it’s in the water, it’s on your clothes. Filtered/treated water makes whites and colors come out cleaner and brighter.
  5. Improved taste: Coffee, tea, and foods prepared with filtered water taste better.
  6. Cost-effective: Filtered water is more cost-effective than bottled water and reduces the environmental impact on our landfills.