Whole House Activated Carbon Filter



  • Improved Taste. Produces clean, clear, great tasting water and eliminates odors.
  • Removes Chlorine. Filters out up to 99.9% of chlorine and all chlorine by-products formed during the disinfection process of the water.
  • Removes Contaminates. Removes up to 98.7% of solvents, gasoline, pesticides, trihalomethanes and radon.

System Specifications:

  • 10 x 54 Activated Carbon Filter w/stainless bypass
  • 1.5 cubic feet of activated carbon
  • Fleck 5600 high-flow auto-backwash valves
  • Outdoor environmental valve cover
  • Supplies homes with up to 1″ inlet supply lines / 6500 Sq Feet*
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Five year equipment warranty

*Shown with optional chrome tank jacket.

Guarentee Info


Activated Carbon Filtration System is a “whole house ” system installed at your water supply inlet to your home.

Municipal water, by FDA standards must retain chlorine or a disinfectant as it reaches any home or building served by that system. The result is that all municipal water contains chlorine, dissolved organics and the chemicals residual of disinfection such as trihalomethanes and other contaminates. The Activated Carbon Filtration System effectively removes chlorine, solvents, trihalomethanes, radon and other contaminates as well as improving the smell and taste of your water.  This system uses a self cleaning regenerating filter that forces the water  through a bed of activated carbon to remove the contaminates from your water. The regeneration system is automated with an electric timer that cleans the filter on a regular schedule. The result is clean, clear great tasting water ready for use throughout your home.

*(Applications of homes with supply lines larger than 1″or over 6500 Sq Feet require upgraded system configuration. Please contact WKG for quotations and additional information.)


All systems include media, chemicals and configuration. Homes over 6500 Sq Ft or with excessive water usage require increased capacity equipment. Call for configuration and pricing.

For more information on our products or water treatment questions, call WKG Water’s toll free number at 1-877-880-0356 or e-mail your request to products@wkgwater.com.