Well Water KDF85 Soft Water Filtration



KDF 85 is a unique, innovative and environmentally responsible media consisting of high purity copper-zinc granules that use redox (the exchange of electrons) in patented products to effectively reduce/remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals, and control microorganisms in ground water without the use of chemicals.

System Specifications:

10 x 54 Soft Water Filter w/stainless bypass

1.0 cubic foot of fine mesh softening resin

0.5  cubic foot of KDF 85 Process Media

Fleck 5600 high-flow auto-backwash valves

Outdoor environmental valve cover

18 x 30 brine solution tank

Supplies homes with up to 1″ inlet supply lines / 6500 Sq Feet

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Five year equipment warranty

Guarentee Info


The Well Water KDF85 Soft Water Filtration is a “point of entry” (POE) system used for private well water treatment. This is an economical, single tank solution for well water with low iron/ hydrogen sulfide content. By using KDF media, the system filters out contaminates without complex multi tank treatment or adding chemicals. The system also acts as a whole house water softener to remove unwanted minerals from the ground water. *

*(All ground water from private wells must be tested and analyzed for proper treatment application.)


All systems include media, chemicals and configuration. Homes over 6500 Sq Ft or with excessive water usage require increased capacity equipment. Call for configuration and pricing.

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