Whole House Soft Water Filtration System



  • In the Laundry. Soft water eliminates the soap that clings to clothes, makes clothes cleaner and brighter and last up to 30% longer.
  • In the Bathroom. Soft water helps keep your hair and skin soft and eliminate hard water stains and water spots.
  • In The Kitchen. Stops water spots and makes dishes and glassware sparkle. Keeps natural flavor of foods, coffee and tea by reducing unwanted minerals.
  • In the Whole House. Saves money on detergents and laundry additives and prevents ‘lime scale’ in your plumbing, water heaters, laundry equipment and dishwashers.

System Specifications :

  • 10 x 54 Soft Water Filter w/stainless bypass
  • 1.5 cubic foot of fine mesh softening resin
  • Fleck 5600 high-flow auto-backwash valves
  • Outdoor environmental valve cover
  • 18 x 30 brine solution tank
  • Supplies homes with up to 1″ inlet supply lines / 6500 Sq Feet*
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Five year equipment warranty

*Shown with optional chrome tank jacket

Guarentee Info


Soft Water Filtration uses ion exchange media or resin to filter mineral contaminates from the water supply. The softening resin or media contained in the tank removes the calcium, magnesium and manganese or “hardness” from the water as the water is passed through it. The two-tank system uses an automatic regenerating system to clean itself after the media becomes saturated with these minerals. The system uses a brine solution stored in a separate tank to flush and clean the resin. The regeneration system is automated with an electric timer that cleans the filter on a regular schedule. The result is clean, clear potable water ready for use in your home.

Activated Carbon Filtration is available as an option on Whole House Soft Water Filtration Systems using WKG’s unique Dual-Bed System. This system first filters the incoming water with activated carbon and then with the softening resin. The result is an economical solution for great tasting carbon filtered soft water from a single unit. **

 *(Applications of homes with supply lines larger than 1″or over 6500 Sq Feet require upgraded system configuration. Please contact WKG for quotations and additional information.)

**( There are some limitations to the application of Dual Bed Systems in residential uses. Please  contact your WKG Sales Representative for further information.)    


All systems include media, chemicals and configuration. Homes over 6500 Sq Ft or with excessive water usage require increased capacity equipment. Call for configuration and pricing.

For more information on our products or water treatment questions, call WKG Water’s toll free number at 1-877-880-0356 or e-mail your request to products@wkgwater.com.